Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Winter's on its way

It's been a while since I posted here, and summer has come and gone, all too quickly.

And a busy few months it's been. Plenty of motorcycling. A family holiday in Florida, a new kitchen installed at home (fantastic btw), and last week a business trip to Madrid - a fun city I'd never been to before.

But now the nights are drawing in, in about a month the clocks change and winter will well and truly be here. That's the time that the planning of my trip will really gather pace, and the thought that come spring, I'll be gearing up and ready to leave, will keep me going.

I was talking to SWMBO the other day (well, I have to sometimes), and she suggested that I plan my trip over Easter, as it's quite late next year. That would mean that the 3 weeks would span 3 bank holidays - thus saving me from using quite so much annual leave. I'll consider this as it would be a good idea. I think the stumbling block now could be getting time off work - I'll broach the subject with my boss over the next couple of weeks, but I need to start firming dates up now, as I want to get my ferry tickets booked.