Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 18: San Francsisco

And so it ends. Today, with a heavy heart, I returned the bike to its rightful owner, and my trip is complete. But not before I had one final ride around the San Francisco coast, and of course rode over the Golden Gate Bridge. But before all of that I managed to get hold of a bucket of soapy water and gave the bike a wash - something I would never dream of doing with a rental car. Nearly three weeks of riding through all kinds of weather meant that she was filthy. I wanted her looking her best on our last day together.

Breaking waves crash against the shore
The Golden Gate Bridge from the north end, just after I had ridden across
And then into down-town San Francisco.
One last stop for fuel to return her full, and then it was the last half mile to EadleRider's and to say goodbye to what had been my faithful ride over the past 18 days. I felt quite emotional handing over the keys. I know it's only metal and plastic in it's basic form, but I had developed an attachment to my "Black Beauty", who had never let me down across the 3600 miles we travelled together. I hope the next rider takes good care of her.
The last photo of "my" bike before she's taken back for the next lucky rider.
The last 3 weeks have been everything I'd hoped for, and more. There's a danger, when building your hopes and expectations so high, that they might not be met, and you're left disappointed. This was one of the rare cases when my high expectations have been exceeded. I have seen some wonderful sites, met many fantastic people along the way, and enjoyed 18 days of riding. During that time I've had time to think and get some things straight in my head too. I have confirmed what's important in my life, and tomorrow I start my journey back home to them.

Total trip mileage: 3661


  1. Fantastic blog Nigel. Feeling all the exhilaration and emotion. Congratulations on living the dream. You are indeed a lucky man, some might even say blessed.

  2. Brilliant blog and trip Nigel - totally green with envy! Rich Ormerod

  3. Malcolm Ramsay7 May 2011 at 12:27

    Sounds like it's been a good trip- looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!

  4. Sounds like you have enjoyed every minute of the trip,thanks for taking the time to write the blog,
    enjoyed reading it,and I am sure it will inspire other riders to make the trip and live the dream,will check back for the rest of the pic's

    J & B

  5. WOW!!!! Nigel. Fantastic pictures & updates on a brilliant trip.
    Many memories to last a lifetime.... have a safe journey home.

  6. Hi Nigel

    Well done Nigel!!!!

    Laura only told me today what you are doing and I quickly have reviewed you blog.

    Are you going to stop overnight in the heathrow area or shoot back home. Give me a ring if you are trying overnight and we're have a drink.


  7. Hi David, Didn't stop in Heathrow overnight unfortunately. Next time I'm down overnight we must meet up for a beer or two.

  8. Graeme, Thanks for the comments, and you are right, I'm very lucky to have had the chance to do this trip.